A New Blog

This again?

I managed to crank out a few blog posts on my old WordPress-based blog early last year before it fell into the Abyss of Neglect much like its predecessor before it. Not an entirely unexpected outcome, but a disappointing one nonetheless. In my defense, it was a rough couple semesters, but now my undergraduate career is complete! And I can begin again, this time with far less irritating homework distracting me from more important things, like writing miserable little blog posts.

Graduate school!

Just a few weeks ago I was accepted to Northeastern University’s Computer Science program, so I’ll be shipping up to Boston to get my Master’s come fall. I’m pretty excited about it, firstly because I’ve never lived outside of Idaho for any extended period of time, and secondly because Northeastern has a really fun sounding curriculum with a good emphasis on programming languages. Maybe I will finally get to take a class that at least touches on formal type theory, because I’m sure taking a long time to study it on my own. So yeah, I’m pumped.

A New Wort

As a summer side project, I’m going to pick up my little Wort programming language again. It started out as a homoiconic concatenative language that compiled to JavaScript, but I’ve made some changes to the syntax and abandoned homoiconicity in favor of performance, while keeping the dynamic type system. I like the language better as a result already, and it’s easy enough to write homoiconic cat-langs that I felt Wort had nothing that set it apart. Now that’s not the case. I’ll write some more posts on it coming up.

More than Programming

I’m hoping I can include things besides my obscure programming interests in this blog. I’m just not sure what that’ll be yet. I haven’t made any constructed languages in a while, and I don’t particularly want to focus on that while I’m working on grad school, so don’t expect too much of that. On the other hand I am very much interested in more mathematical things, so I might post some interesting mathy stuff every now and then.

I am also slowly becoming more comfortable with my own views on life and society, so I may occasionally offer such musings at the risk of limiting my readership. I’ll try to keep it as rational and calm as possible during such instances. But no promises.